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Special Conditions

We are Espai Barcelona, a web that provides a very careful selection of holiday apartments in Barcelona. We also provide tourist information and tips about the city for our customers. Our company always offers you the best price and never asks you extra charges not described on our web. In what follows, we detail the general conditions through which we provide our services.

All our accommodations have special conditions of contract, which are detailed in their description sections. There are also some general conditions that you should know when making your reservation, which we will specify below.

In order to book an apartment, you need to make a prepayment that is a percentage of the total rental fee. To do this you should use a debit / credit card. When we receive the payment confirmation, we will send you an e-mail including all contract details of your apartment. The paid money serves as a guarantee for your booking and is non-refundable in the case you decide to cancel.

Once we receive the confirmation of your booking prepayment, we will send you an e-mail that will show all the information needed. This e-mail includes the total fee you have to pay on arrival to the accommodation, separated by item. We also provide you the exact address of your apartment as well as the name of the person who will handle your check-in, his phone number and e-mail.

This email also includes detailed instructions for doing check-in in a quick and advantageous way. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours after making the prepayment, you should contact us by indicating the email address you provided when making the booking, the date and the fee paid. You should keep this document and display it on your arrival to the apartment.

Experience has shown that it is preferable for all our customers to contact the assigned person for check-in, at least five days in advance to confirm the details of their arrival. This way, we set the estimated time of your arrival and we can help you with the best way to get to the accommodation. In this regard, we recommend you to send an email to the person who is responsible for check-in, which is indicated in your confirmation e-mail.

if the accommodation is available after checking the Espai Barcelona. For check-ins outside the fixed hours, especially at night a fee will be charged. The fee is set based on the particular conditions of each apartment. You have to bring the following documents with you to present at check-in:

- Confirmation E-mail printed on paper or available on your mobile phone.
- Photocopy of your identity card or passport for all adults (over 16 years) who accommodate.
- The rest of the money that should be paid. You should pay this money in cash unless you have previously agreed with us on other forms of payment.

Once check-in is done, you will be given the keys to the apartment. You must inform Espai Barcelona of any detected problems in the accommodation before or during your stay.

The last day, you must vacate the apartment before 11:00. If you request a late check-out and the occupancy (booking) schedule permits, you can stay longer in the apartment, provided that you pay a fee which will be informed to you previously. If you want to leave after 6 p.m. you will be charged for a complete day. During check-in we will inform you of the steps should be taken in order to leave.

In order to rent an accommodation you have to pay a deposit which covers any possible loss or damage to the apartment, any caused annoyance to neighbors or returning an excessively dirty apartment. We will refund this fee after verifying that the apartment is in the same condition you found it, excluding the dirt generated in the normal use, considering the length of rent and the number of people.

If you cancel a reservation, you have no right to refund the fee paid. It allows you to change the dates of booking depending on the availability of the apartment minimum 30 days in advance. You must keep in mind that apartment prices may vary from one data to another.

If you want to extend the number of nights that you want to stay, you can do it in the case that the apartment is available. In this case you will be charged the appropriate rate for every night you newly contracted. If you want to reduce the number of nights, you can do it. But the contract fee cannot be less than the amount contracted initially.

You should notify us in writing all proposed changes and cancellations via e-mail at the following address: indicating clearly reservation number, the name of the apartment and the proposed changes. You will receive as soon as possible a reply email. In the case you do not arrive on the appointed day, you must pay 50% of the stay.

Neither pets nor smoking are allowed in our apartments unless otherwise is indicated in the particular conditions. In this case, the non-compliance could lead to a total or partial loss of the deposit.

Our apartments, as a part of a residential complex, usually have established rules of living with other people and regulations of mandatory civility. It is specifically prohibited the disturbance to the other neighbors. You must respect the rules of each community and do not make noises that disturb the other neighbors from 9:00 pm. Afterward.

It is not allowed to put a flag on the outside of the building, or other similar objects that are associated with political ideologies or claims, personal or business brands.

In such cases we reserve the right to leave the apartment and no money will be returned. It includes both rent and deposit. Similarly, if we detect any excessive use of water or electricity the client will be fully charged for it.

You must return the apartment in the same clean condition in which you found it, considering the normal and acceptable use of it depending on the number of people and the length of stay.

In this sense you cannot leave and accumulate garbage inside the apartment, balconies or terraces. Garbage bags must be deposited periodically in municipal waste containers you will find on the street. A high accumulation of the garbage in the apartment may involve Espai Barcelona to get rid of it. And customers will be charged for it.

You should agree to make a rational and correct use of the furniture and equipment of your apartment. It is strictly forbidden to transfer the furniture from its original location or use it outdoor.

If any indoor furniture is detected outside the apartment, this may be move away by Espai Barcelona and the customer will be charged for the cost of it.

If you detect any problems on your arrival to the apartment during your stay, you should contact the correspondent person indicated in your e-mail confirmation. To do this, there is a 24-hour phone available in the case of an emergency.

If it is not an emergency, we will be really thankful if you contact us during usual working hours of the company, either by phone or by email.

Espai Barcelona accepts no responsibility for any personal loss, damage or robbery of the customers belongings put in the apartments. With this regard, we remind you that the electricity voltage is 220v in Barcelona.

It is the responsibility of the customers to close both apartment doors and windows tightly and take the proper safety precautions. Some of our apartments have alarm and security gates. It is your responsibility to use them properly.

Your opinion is very important to Espai Barcelona. Therefore, you will be sent a satisfaction questionnaire at the end of your stay. Through this questionnaire you can express your opinions about the accommodation and the services you received. Once it is completed, please accept to post your opinions in order to inform future customers. We reserve the right to use, translation, adaptation and publication of the opinions expressed in this questionnaire.

The information displayed on this website is updated and improved regularly. Despite our efforts in this case, we are not responsible for any inaccuracies that may appear on our website. We will consider your opinion or suggestion to reflect the details of each apartment as accurately as possible.